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Questions and Observations for Standing Rock Protesters and Dakota Access

With a focus on water stewardship, and the possibility that the pipeline has been (temporarily) stopped due to no granted easement, I have these questions and observations:

  • Standing Rock Sioux: Are you now going to take a more active, continuing, and consistent participation in the conversation of the impact statement? Since you didn’t before, can we now expect you to take part in the discussion, even when you don’t agree with the direction it goes in? Will you now keep going, aiding and guiding the decision making, including compromises when it’s necessary?
  • Dakota Access Pipeline: Are you going to come to the table with an honest effort to try a different direction for the pipeline? Will you come to the table with moral suggestions that show you’re stewards of the earth and water, while still making a profit for your business?
  • Police: While you were acting as stand-ins for private security, who was policing the real crooks and bad guys in the surrounding cities? Private property notwithstanding, if you were here in large numbers protecting ONE business, who was watching for and arresting murderers and con artists elsewhere?

What will it take before this ends?

Will it take someone (or several someones) being killed – on either side – before both sides look for common ground? You do realize that stewardship of Earth and water can live next to making a profit for business, don’t you? It’s a difficult balance, but it can happen if both sides are willing to find and work from common ground.

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