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Say Hello To Political Correctness (i.e. Big Brother), Where the Truth is Forbidden

I miss:

…When speaking my truth wasn’t forbidden. Truth is my perspective based on experience and what I’ve read and done, and what I’ve given considerable thought about. It wasn’t necessarily liked, but it wasn’t outright forbidden, either.

…When I said something another didn’t like meant that we (often) talked in order to come to an understanding.

…When it was understood there are winners and losers in every game, every business, and every political election.

…When most people knew that no one could – or needed to – like everyone else. Children used to understand this best, but now they’re punished if they don’t at least pretend to like everyone. It’s time to move on when I discover that someone doesn’t like me either.

…When most people knew that doing something (anything) – or not doing it – was exercising your freedom of choice, and that in the doing you took on the responsibilities of the results of that choice, even if it went badly for you. Yes, there have always been those who blamed others when things went wrong, but now it seems a way of life.

…When being my brother’s keeper was an act of love. Now, it’s an expected response to everyone, especially those who want a piece of your life.

This isn’t denying the downside of bygone decades. There were plenty of things wrong with “back then.” I don’t want to go back and try to live through the civil rights wars, the bra-burning, and such. Those acts of (usually justified) outrage and courage opened up necessary dialogues, resulting in better ways for people to live – if they themselves made the effort and did the hard work necessary to change. But, I don’t want to live in it again.

Then the politically correct movement started. They became “Big Brother” without even the government’s input! Everyone must love everyone, and if you don’t you’re a hater, a racist, a misogynist / misandrist, or what have you. Freedom of choice to act means whatever someone else decides it means. The responsibility for making poor choices as an adult is “always” someone else’s fault or because of what happened to you as a child. Hard work and hard changes aren’t encouraged; I don’t think they ever were encouraged by the lax, but now, even the politically correct faction think it’s putting someone else down to try to get ahead.

The politically correct are wrong. These are my truths: 

  • No one likes everyone else, no one ever did, and no one ever will; if you can’t be civil, ignore those you don’t like
  • Freedom of choice comes with responsibility of accepting the consequences of your choice (and not all consequences are pleasant)
  • Although not required, talking – not shouting – to clear the air of misunderstanding is usually the best thing to do
  • There are winners and losers in every competition, whether games, business or politics
  • Hard choices and hard changes (and often, hard work) are the only things that make any real difference

Augh! I know it’s a rant (my choice), and likely to draw the ire of more than a few, but there it is (results).

What kinds of things do you miss most? Let me know in the comments!

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