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What’s Going to Keep Pence…

from taking over since Trump refuses to behave like a true President of the USA?

After all, Pence is a politician through and through. Ordinarily, VPs fade into the woodwork. Do you really think Pence will do that?

Or will he find a way to rule?

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Judging by Action or Inaction

This year’s crop of political Presidential wanna-bes are a motley lot.

That stuff that they blather on the national scene? Makes me wonder if they act like that in front of their peers. The lack of actual plans of what and how and when and why? I doubt they have no plans when they’re in their boardrooms or with campaign workers.

All of them are guilty at this point of diluting their presence by muck, name-calling, and pig-headedness.

Why on earth would we want any of them as our country’s Leader?