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The Beginning of Muzzling Freedom of the Press

So, it’s already come to this:

** The DT has told us what to watch by limiting who can see what’s being said by whom at the Presidential briefing.
** The DT has told us what to hear by refusing access to the Presidential briefing to all those who listen to what is said by whom.
** The DT has told us what to think by allowing only “yes men” and “yes women” of a distinctly narrow point-of-view to the Presidential briefing.

By the DT’s refusal to allow media of all walks and points-of-view to a heretofore open briefing, he’s set himself in direct opposition of transparency. He’s practicing the ideology of “freedom of speech for me, but not for thee”. What’s next? Oh, I know! We’ll see the wholesale closure of newspapers, radio stations, and television stations that “doesn’t fit” the restricted list of “allowable ideas”. Will he give the order to burn books that he considers seditious because they don’t follow his restrictions of thought?

Is THIS what you DT supporters voted for? Is this the lock on free-thinking people you wanted? Does this muzzling of differences give you courage to support your desire to rule others by force and fraud, by violence and denial, by beating down or shouting down those who are different from you? Is THIS how you envisioned the USA?

The DT has, by his actions, declared himself our intellectual ruler, dedicating himself to upholding the ideology that his way is the only way to think. If you think like him, that his stifling freedom of speech and freedom of the press, is the best for the USA, then be prepared for the backlash in years to come.

Remember that the Revolutionary War wasn’t about tea in a harbor. It was from lack of respect and representation by the government.

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